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Robert Moncuit Les Vozemieux Grand Cru 2013

Varenummer:9009 Robert Moncuit CHAMPAGNE
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Blanc de Blancs Extra brut

The domaine currently has a 1.5 hectare parcel in Oger, Mesnil's neighboring village to the north. 66 ares of the 1.5 hectares are in the climat of "Les Vozemieux". (1 are is 1/100th of a hectare, so 66 ares is 0.66 hectare.) The vines in Les Vozemiux were planted in 1955.

2010 was the first vintage of Les Vozemieux. Pierre decided to vinify this climat separately because he wanted to see what difference, if any, there would be between his parcel of Chetillons in Mesnil and Les Vozemieux in Oger.

Vinfication of Les Vozemieux is the same as Les Chetillons:

  • Both are fermented in barrel.

  • Malo is done

  • Both are in wood until the summer after harvest.

  • The wine is bottled the summer after harvest and aged on cork.

  • No chapitalization or filtration.

  • The wine is Extra Brut and close to being zero dosage.